[ RadSafe ] Orbs, foo fighters, RC helicopters, small nuclear reactors

JPreisig at aol.com JPreisig at aol.com
Mon Jun 3 22:43:06 CDT 2013

Dear Radsafe:
     Hope you all are well.  Recent Ancient Alien  and UFO shows suggest 
people in midwestern USA are being visited by  spherical flying orbs.  From 
what I can see, they resemble World War II foo  fighters.  Did the Germans 
have foo fighters???  Are orbs foo  fighters???
     Nowadays, one can see many examples of Remote  Control helicopters 
with 1 to 4 or more propellers.  They fly quite  well.  One could imagine 
readily Remote Controlled flying spacecraft that  are remotely controlled and 
possibly propelled by nuclear fission or some other  power source.  Is TEAM USA 
flying orbs, or the Soviets, the Argentinians,  other beings etc.???  How 
Cool.  Guess we'll hear the truth in 25 or  50 years.
     Maury, Dog won't like this story but  apparently one of these orbs 
flew over 3 Golden Retrievers and they were  vaporized/liquified in place.  
Either this is a tall story or the orbs are  a heat or other source, and the 
dogs were in the wrong place at the wrong  time.
     1963.... Isn't that 50 years ago soon.???   Isn't it time to 
declassify more Kennedy shooting information files  soon????
     Stay away from them there orbs????
     Joe Preisig

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