[ RadSafe ] Albany NY area White supremacist pair plotted radioactive weapon to kill Muslims

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Thu Jun 20 22:37:44 CDT 2013

June 20

         Thank you, Clayton, for your trenchant comments.  This 
sounds like the Keystone Kops chasing a pair of gullible 
buffoons.  We've seen a lot of this in recent years --- Federal 
agents aiding and abetting none-too-smart criminals, purchasing fake 
bomb parts for them and egging them on.  Sounds to me like a 
combination of entrapment and the Feds trying to justify their jobs.

Steven Dapra

At 03:09 PM 6/20/2013, you wrote:
>Fortunately the local paper (Albany Times Union) consulted a few actual
>experts and quoted at least one as saying that the device was not feasible.
>  There is just no way these clowns could have constructed anything like
>what they envisioned. (The only way their truck mounted device could have
>killed anyone was by running them over! ) They would have soon discovered
>this once they tried procuring their x-ray source.  The FBI pounced while
>they were still under the illusion of success.  The pair could never have
>gotten as far as they did had not the under cover agents assisted with
>money for parts and offered to buy the finished device for use by the Klan.
>As it is, all they accomplished after a year of effort was to build a
>remote on/off  switch.
>These guys are bigots who aspired to be murderers, but could never have
>constructed a weapon of mass destruction as alleged in the FBI complaint.
>  Calling such a device a WMD is preposterous in itself. A kitchen knife
>could kill more people more quickly than the Rube Goldberg thing these guys
>wanted to build.  Clearly the FBI is railroading these two in the pursuit
>of some positive publicity following their humiliating Boston Marathon
>failure.  If they had committed the personnel and resources to keep tabs on
>the Tsarnaev brothers (allegedly) instead of these morons they may have
>actually saved lives and limbs.
>Clayton Bradt
>Principal Radiophysicist
>NYS Dept. of Health

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