[ RadSafe ] 2 MeV+ Proton Beam Access

Jake Hecla jakehecla at gmail.com
Fri Jun 28 12:01:29 CDT 2013

Radsafers- I'm a student working on a project that involves radiation
testing of COTS electronic components for use in a CubeSat (
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CubeSat). As part of this, we need to check
the error rates of a couple of microcontrollers and memory devices under
realistic LEO radiation conditions. While we have the ability to do
electron testing thanks to a generous radiotherapy LINAC operator, we're
not able to do any proton testing at the moment. Unfortunately, in our
situation the majority of the dose will come from protons, so it is vital
to understand their effect on the satellite. I know beam time is a precious
thing, but if anyone here has (or knows of someone) who might be
interested, point them my way if you would. The source does not need to be
particularly precise or well characterized, just something capable of
delivering a couple Gy to a tiny chunk of silicon.

*Please don't hesitate to email me at hecla at mit.edu *

-Jake J. Hecla

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