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I use shields from Putnam Technology Inc. all over my facility. The 
shield's construction and weight are similar to that of Canberra's Model 
747 and I move them using pallet jacks. The load is top heavy but not hard 
to control.
We've used narrow battery powered pallet jacks ( normally called "walkie 
stackers") with a 20" outside fork width or manual pallet jacks with a 20 
1/2" outside fork width, the planking used to reach the button cross 
members of the shield stand are longer than the stand's width itself and 
are used as outriggers for stability.
The only issue with using the pallet jack is with that weight, if the jack 
has metal wheels, you must protect the floor with either plywood or thin 
sheets of aluminium or CRES or steel. 
The operation is dangerous but then again any time you are moving that 
much weight your are performing a hazardous operation than must be 
carefully choreographed.
The other method I have used involves use of an "A" frame gantry to lift 
the shield into the stand once the stand is in place, either way you are 
looking at an operation that needs good planning and trained personnel to 
do it.
Good Luck!

P.S. Leveling the suckers is a pain in the neck!

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Greetings All,

We are trying to move a Canberra Model 747 Pb shield into a room and onto
its stand and need some advice.? We can get it into the room with a 
and even set it onto the stand, but must then move it about 8 feet.? We 
concerned with moving it while loaded on the stand as it will be top 
We cannot get the forklift into the room.? The unit weighs 3000 lbs and 
lifting eyes.

I am sure someone out there has done this and can give some advice.? I 
much prefer to lift the device onto the stand once in the room, but am not
familiar with small enough portable equipment capable getting into the 
through a 36" door and lifting this 3000 lb device.? Another way we could 
this is to load it onto the stand with a forklift from outside the room 
then "slide" it over about 10 feet.? This does not seem like a very safe 
to do this since it is so top heavy.

Perhaps there are lifting devices that can be rented?

Any advice would be appreciated.



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