[ RadSafe ] Need advice Moving large Pb shield

Nielsen, Erik C. Nielsen.Erik at epa.gov
Wed Mar 6 08:49:04 CST 2013

I have used a heavy duty pallet jack with large cribbing (4"x4" timber) to build up a support for the pallet jack.  Make sure that you do NOT lift the shield legs more than 1/2" off the floor. Move slowly... By keeping it close to the ground if anything were to fail this would not be enough to tip the shield. I have also used a 2 ton hydraulic floor jack for very small movement/adjustments when you get close to the final location...a 2 ton floor jack is very maneuverable and pretty inexpensive. I have kept my personal one as I have moved from lab to lab over the years and it has proven to be quite useful.

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