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S L Gawarecki slgawarecki at gmail.com
Sun Mar 31 20:04:42 CDT 2013

Today I received the following message from Teed Rockwell, Ted's son:
This is Teed Rockwell, sending from my Father's facebook address, to let
you know that Dad passed away last night a few months before his 91st
birthday. We all miss him deeply, and can't imagine what the world will be
like without him. Nevertheless, we are grateful that he lived a long,
happy, and productive life, and that his passing was quick and relatively
painless. He had been in hospice for only a few days, and at the end his
family was with him. I also am deeply struck by the fact that 12 hours
after his heart and breathing had stopped, and the rest of his body was
literally stone cold, his heart was still warm. In Tibetan Buddhism this is
considered to be a sign of a very high level of spiritual realization,
attained by only a few of the greatest Tulkus, and says a lot about who he
When I receive a copy of his obituary, I'll forward it on to the list.

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