[ RadSafe ] Some extracts from the judgment of India's supreme court on setting up Kudankulam Nuclear power plant

parthasarathy k s ksparth at yahoo.co.uk
Sat May 11 21:20:15 CDT 2013


Recently, India's Supreme Court delivered its judgment in favor of setting nuclear power reactors at Kudankulam, India. This judgment covered several appeal petitions filed against the judgments of High Courts.The judgment offered a shot in the arm of India's government owned nuclear power  corporation. Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant will have six NPPS of  VVER type of 1000MWe each. The construction of two reactors are complete. Commissioning of the first unit is progressing well and is expected to go critical soon.

The judgment is significant; the commissioning of the first reactor was delayed by nearly an year because of  a massive protest movement organized by People's Movement against Nuclear Energy (PMANE), a local anti nuclear group. Some extracts from the 247 page judgment may be accessed at:


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