[ RadSafe ] Re-settling Chernobyl area

David Lee davidleesafe at gmail.com
Tue May 21 00:54:56 CDT 2013

Dear Franz,Why do you think that people (trolling) provoking and
harassing you? I know you have had bad times during *Anschluss. We all had
our bad times. And it does not give you the right to burst onto people.* When
I visited Japan, I was only interested in Tokyo. I thought of walking
up onto Fujiyama once but I was so tired of five days walking through
Tokyo's famous districts. I never went to Greece  and I never met Andy. And
I do not consider you sharing it as trolling. I am pretty sure he is a very
interesting fella.  I am not sure you would go to Greece, now. I have very
long good friends, Greek family. I had broken toe and had a bad surgery on
it and it was a very painful with complications 3 years long recovery. I
had to leave metal crutches and jumping on one foot through the metal
detectors in the airports each time when I business travelled. I had to
jump up and down many times everyday onto the second floor on the stairs at
my work because we had men's bathroom only on the second floor and no
elevator (DOE). So I really can relate to your ordeal.I wish your toes
recover fast and proper. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Troll (Internet)

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