[ RadSafe ] Comment and Open Question re Ra-223 Chloride

Chris Alston achris1999 at gmail.com
Tue May 28 13:45:08 CDT 2013


1.	Bayer renamed “Alpharadin” to “Xofigo”.

2.	It was my impression that they were developing it to treat the pain
from bony mets, the appeal being that the irradiation is so much more
local than the high-E beta emitters.  However, it looks like the
studies were aimed at showing that it was effective generally in
treating metastases to the bone, which they demonstrated by the
increased survival (</= 36% and counting), and the fact that people
got relief from pain, so their competition is more with XBRT, maybe.

3.	I have to wonder how much use it is really going to get.  Look at
the history of Bexxar, Zevalin, Quadramet, and Metastron.  Your


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