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May 28

         Amazon.com has 19 reviews of "Heisenberg's War."  It's by 
Thomas Powers, who also wrote "The Man Who Kept the Secrets," a 
biography of Richard Helms, director of the CIA.

         One or more of the "Heisenberg" reviewers recommends "German 
National Socialism and the Quest for Nuclear Power 1939 - 1949" by 
Mark Walker (1993).  Walker's book has four reviews on 
Amazon.com.  One of Walker's reviewers notes that the National 
Socialists planned on winning the war by 1941 or 1942, hence there 
was no need to expend a great deal of effort to build an atomic 
bomb.  The Allies realized the war would be a long drawn out affair, 
hence the bomb could affect its outcome, so they went ahead and did 
the work to build one.

Steven Dapra

At 06:22 AM 5/28/2013, you wrote:
>With regards to the  Nazi nuclear weapons program, the best book 
>I've read on the subject is "Heisenberg's War" - this went a long 
>ways towards convincing me that the Nazis (including Hitler) were 
>avidly pursuing nuclear weapons and that Heisenberg and other 
>scientists helped delay matters because of their concerns.


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>I really doubt that Nazi scientists knew how to and had the capability to
>make an atomic weapon but "chose" not to.  I wonder what other fiction that
>Herzog might have buried in this book.  Has anyone had the opportunity to
>read it?
>Roger Helbig


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