[ RadSafe ] NRC blog post on Questioning Attitude

Clayton J Bradt CJB01 at health.state.ny.us
Fri May 31 12:55:34 CDT 2013


To your knowledge has any NRC manager ever been disciplined for
discouraging a questioning attitude on the part of subordinates or for
being intolerant of dissenting views? Until members of the SES see their
career paths adversely affected by such behavior nothing will change.

Clayton Bradt
Principal Radiophysicist
NYS Dept. of Health

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From: Peter Crane <kinderhook46 at yahoo.com>
Subject: [ RadSafe ] NRC blog post on Questioning Attitude
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Bill, I'm glad you drew the list's attention to this admirable blog post.?
It was written by Maria Schwartz, a former colleague of mine in the NRC's
Office of General Counsel -- a fine lawyer and a lovely person.?

The challenge for the NRC has always been to apply to itself the precepts
it urges its licensees to follow:? a questioning attitude, tolerance and
encouragement of dissenting views, etc.? Few organizations find that a
questioning attitude toward their own past actions, policies, and
assumptions comes easily.

-- Peter Crane, NRC Counsel for Special Projects (retired)?

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