[ RadSafe ] Fission???

Mon Nov 4 13:33:54 CST 2013

You do realize that this is an IMDB webpage for a fictional movie, right? Sorry for asking - your e-mails just sound very serious.


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      Interesting.  According to the UFO and  Ancient Alien shows, there 
was some attempt by the WWII Germans to create some  sort of spacecraft base 
in Antarctica.  Then I also hear stories of some  raid by the Allies on this 
Spacecraft Base.
      Joe Preisig
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Let us  not forget what happened then. The creation of the spacecraft 
Götterdämmerung  and its final sad  demise:


All the  best,
Mattias Olsson

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Dear Radsafe:

Ancient  Alien and UFO shows describe a crash  of  a spaceship in the Black 
 Forest (Germany) in 1936.
The Germans are said to have collected the crash  debris (and bodies???) 
and  then proceeded to reverse engineer what they  found in the parts of the 

Such reverse  engineering may??? have yielded:

an advanced propulsion  system

blocks/pieces of enriched Uranium and/or  Plutonium

the fact that fission does  occur????

Interestingly enough, Hahn and Strassmann (and  Meitner)  discovered 
fission in 1938 in Germany.
Were they involved in  the German reverse engineering effort????

Have a good  week...

Regards,     Joe  Preisig

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