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At 11:01 PM 11/17/2013, Rick Malyese wrote:
>I am creating a document to help explain radiation.....
November 18, 2013

I am having trouble with the statement :
"Experts say that even a small radiation doses as 
low as 100 mSv can slightly raise cancer risk."

Is 100 mSv delivered in one minute as at 
Hiroshima really a "small radiation dose"? I think not.

Is there any meaningful associated with 100 mSv 
delivered over a life-time? I think not.
I showed in my HP paper (Health Phys. 
98(3):515–536; 2010) that there is no significant 
risk from a lifetime dose of a few Sv.

Who are these "Experts" who say this? Not me.


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