[ RadSafe ] The Risky Road to Mars - Curiosity's Rad Doses

Chris Alston achris1999 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 22 16:19:29 CDT 2013


There are a couple of interesting letters in Science, 6 Sept 2013, Vol
341 Issue 6150, p 1062.  Basically, I had not understood that the
doses reported for the probe are to the skin, not, say, the deep dose
equivalent (still generally used in the USA, outside of the Department
of Energy), or the ICRP 60 version of same.  I wonder if "they" may
not end up estimating an EDE or ED, using individual organ doses,
given all of the dose from secondary interactions and what-not.  It
sounds like a far from trivial undertaking.  I wonder if someone could
not get a doctoral dissertation out of it.

Your thoughts, slings and arrows, etc.?


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