[ RadSafe ] Radioactive thorium 232 and cerium found in bodies of cancer victims

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Rizzini is indeed a nuclear physicist who is involved in experiments at 
CERN. He is co-author of more than 100 articles, most of them involving 
research on anti-hydrogen. But then he has other interests where he does 
not seem to be too picky with the details.

I have not been able to find any publications of his claimed findings, 
but in 2001 he made some remarkable statements in Corriere della Sera 
(one of the largest Italian newspapers), including a claim that 1 
microgram of U-238 is enough to kill a person:

On this link is a correction of some of Rizzini's 2001 statements by the 
then General Director of CERN, Luciano Maiani:
Maiani states that Rizzini is not director of INFN (the Italian National 
Institute of Nuclear Physics) which is claimed in the article, and that 
his involvement at CERN is about 20% of his working time.
One note, it seems to be the reporters (or whatever they are in the case 
of Nuclear-News...) rather than Rizzini himself that are prone on 
emphasizing his affiliation with CERN, Italian physicists involved in 
experiments at CERN are usually very respected among the public.

In an article from March 31, 2011, Rizzini once again claims that 1 
microgram of uranium is enough to kill a person:

The original posting of the text in Nuclear-News is from November 28, 2012:
It is based on a "research document" found here:

The references in the document links mainly to different newspaper 
articles (most of them from Italian newspapers) or web pages, none of 
them give any clues to where the claimed findings have been published. 
The reason may be that the investigations were called for by a judge and 
maybe are part of a court case, the details of the Italian legal system 
are beyond my comprehension...

On PubMed there is one article on thorotrasts where Rizzini is a 
co-author, so one would expect him to be better informed about the 
radiotoxicity of uranium:
Related to it there is an arXiv article with an interesting angle:

Regarding Cerium: The text does not give any clues if it is natural 
(stable) cerium or from a radioactive isotope that comes from fission. 
For being a "Rare" Earth Metal, Cerium is quite common.

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On 10/27/2013 01:50 AM, Roger Helbig wrote:
> "nuclear physicist Evandro Lodi Rizzini of Brescia University and CERN
> (European Organization for Nuclear Research" - This person seems to be
> legitimate scientist.  Is he?
> Roger Helbig
> Radioactive thorium 232 and cerium found in bodies of cancer victims
> by Christina MacPherson
> The nuclear physicist Evandro Lodi Rizzini of Brescia University and
> CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) found elevated
> levels of radioactive thorium 232 and cerium (proving that the thorium
> was man-made) in the tissues of 15 of 18 bodies of Quirra-area
> shepherds who died of cancer between 1995 and 2000.
> On March 24, 2012 Fiordalisi indicted twenty people on charges of
> "willful omission of precautions against injury and aggravated
> disasters or because they falsely certified the absence of pollution
> with the aim to "hide the environmental disaster." The documents from
> Fiordalisi's investigation have now been turned over to a tribunal for
> prosecution. Read More Here...
> http://www.nonukes.it/rna/nothorium/news200.html
> Christina MacPherson | October 26, 2013 at 5:34 am | Categories:
> health, Uranium | URL:http://wp.me/phgse-fgI
> http://nuclear-news.net/2013/10/26/radioactive-thorium-232-and-cerium-found-in-bodies-of-cancer-victims/

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