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If anyone would like to comment on this nonsense, I sure would
appreciate it.  I am also preparing an open letter to Pat Thurston of
KGO Radio (I have downloaded the audio and am going to prepare a
transcript) about her guest Harvey Wasserman who made numerous false
claims a la Arnold Gundersen about Fukushima.  Thanks.

Roger Helbig

the original piece appeared on site run by steve at stevenrutledge.com -
feel free to educate him about the facts if you would like
Cloud of radioactive iodine reaches France, from fukushima

by Christina MacPherson

Fukushima Doom Confirmed? France Hit By Iodine-131 Cloud While New
Radiation Plume Expected To Hit West Coast Of America On Tuesday
http://revolutionradio.org/?p=58394, September 22, 2013 By Paul Martin
 A cloud of Iodine-131 has reached France while the recent 5.3
Fukushima earthquake is sending a new radiation plume around the world
according to a recent story from Bobby1′sBlog. This latest plume is
expected to arrive on the West Coast of America on Tuesday, September
24th. With radiation now spreading across the entire Northern
hemisphere and no end in sight, are we reaching the ‘beginning of the
end’? Two videos below confirm the severity of this ongoing doomsday

An earthquake that rocked Japan just south of the Fukushima area
shortly after midnight on September 20 (Japan time) sent a new plume
of radiation across the Pacific Ocean. Apparently radiation
measurements in this area have temporarily spiked.

This new plume would arrive on the west coast around Tuesday, Sept.
24. Previous earthquakes have also generated plumes. I remember that
the one that arrived after the Jan. 1, 2012 quake was really nasty.

In a previous discussion Iodine-131 from latest criticality it was
noted that the iodine spike in Chiba prefecture sludge was deposited
in the period August 7 through August 20. According to CRIIRAD,
Montélimar, France had spikes in alpha and beta atmospheric radiation
on September 4-7. Rhône river water in Avignon showed a spike in
iodine-131 on Sept. 7. The iodine cloud must have widened and
dispersed quite a bit in its journey across the northern hemisphere…
and 75% or more of it would have decayed by the time it reached
France. So it must have been quite a substantial radioactive cloud.

Fukushima not only affects Japan, but the Pacific ocean, North
America, and Europe too. Australia has had average radiation levels
increase substantially, also.

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environment, France, radiation | URL: http://wp.me/phgse-eZo


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