[ RadSafe ] Radon progeny in CNG vehicles gas tanks

John Hultquist jhultquist at utah.gov
Wed Apr 16 16:58:38 CDT 2014

I could use help in exploring a question with fellow radsafers in knowing
if bi-fuel or CNG vehicles are triggering radiation alarms because of radon
and its decay products as a natural contaminant of the natural gas.

I understand that hydrocarbons from the Dakotas and Pennsylvania are being
produced with radon as a natural contaminant.

I am going to speculate that as vehicles with CNG tanks age, the lead-210
from any natural gas with radon is going to build up (Pb-210 half-life is
22.26 years)in the inside wall of the tank.   Maybe the radiations from
Pb-210 or Bi-210 will cause radiation detectors across the country to

Any insight to this issue would be appreciated.

John Hultquist,
Utah Division of Radiation Control

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