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Ed Waller ed.waller at xplornet.com
Wed Aug 6 15:10:40 CDT 2014

Dear RadSafe members,


I am in the process of writing a chapter for a book, and one of the areas
discussed is radiological engineering.  Whereas nuclear engineering and
health physics all have fairly strong definitions that may be found in the
literature, old and new, I am finding it a lot more difficult to find
concrete definitions of the field of radiological engineering. I have my own
definition, but I want to make sure I point to other references.


To that end, I am asking:


1.       Does anyone have any references that define or outline what the
field of radiological engineering is? If so, might you share?

2.       Within the field of radiological engineering, are there suggestions
for important texts/papers/reports/etc that fall within the broad area of
radiological engineering?  For example, I have Eichholz's "Radioisotope
Engineering", but I am interested in hearing of others. My apologies if this
is an broadly-defined request; I am fishing for info. I am especially
interested in obscure references that some of you may have and be willing to


Best regards,



Edward Waller, PhD, PEng, CAIH, CHP

Professor, Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science

University of Ontario Institute of Technology

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