[ RadSafe ] Keep Radsafe active

Peter Miller z3ix at kamprint.com
Tue Aug 19 16:49:49 CDT 2014

Please keep the Radsafe list active. As a resident of Japan, I have subscribed 
to it since 3/11. Radsafe is an extraordinarily valuable source of expert 
knowledge on radiation health and medical physics, and an excellent 
contra-indication to media hysteria. Rarely have I seen anywhere such a useful 
combination of fundamental analysis and inter-disciplinary field experience. 

Just today, Mohan Doss' citation of an article in Nature by Mel Greaves on
covert cancer (http://www.nature.com/nrc/journal/v14/n4/full/nrc3703.html)
provides enlightening perspective I would not have otherwise been aware of.
Posts by Mike Brennan, Dan McCarn, Sander Perle, and Otto Raabe, among others,
are consistently informative and well-written.

I wish people would not quote the entire Digest in their posts, but scrolling 
through repetitive text is a small price to pay for this wonderful resource. 
Many thanks to Jeff Terry for maintaining it.

-- Peter Miller
   Kamkaura, Japan
   z3ix [at] kamprint.com

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