[ RadSafe ] Physical protection of category 2 quantities of RAM, 10CFR37.49

Lorne, Michael E CIV PHNSY & IMF, 105/C105.5 michael.lorne at navy.mil
Fri Dec 12 12:19:43 CST 2014

I am curious how different organizations that are subject to RAM Increased controls implement 10 CFR 37.49.  My questions applies to Category 2 sources only, not to  Category 1 sources.  For those of you that have a monitored intrusion detection system that is linked to a central monitoring facility, what do you do when the system goes down, and after security has responded and determined that there has not been any unauthorized entry to the facility.  This situation could occur after a power outage or after some type or a major catastrophe.  Do you assign someone to stand guard for twenty hours a day until the system is back on-line or do you just periodically check that the source is still in place.  (I am assuming that the NRC or State agency has approved of your process.)    Thanks for your input.

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