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>... On the other hand, with a properly ignorant and excitable media, ...

I am not sure the media are that ignorant, looks like they just prey
on the ignorance of the general public.


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>Hi, Franz.
> "...this most dangerous substance..."  200 g of U-238 is probably most dangerous 
>as a choking hazard.  If someone threw it at you it would probably hurt, but it would
>be very bad luck if the damage was worse than a bruise.  If you dropped it on your
>foot any reasonable shoe would prevent even that.  There may be less useful isotopes
>to add to a bomb.  K-40 comes to mind, but not much else (to be fair, if the potassium
>was in the right chemical form, it might enhance the explosion.  Or at least as some
>pretty colors).  On the other hand, with a properly ignorant and excitable media, terrorist
>don't even need a bomb, or to actually get control of rad material, in order to produce
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>In order to prove that not only Australian, Britsh or US "pseudoscientists" 
>and journalists can distribute blantant nonsense I forward a recent note in an well respected Austrian newspaper (or they claim the title of "quality paper").
>Headline: Smuggled uranium detected in train from Russia.
>Chisinau: In the Republic Moldavia police has found last week in a train from
>Russia 200 g U-238, worth 1.7 million Euros (1 Euro is a little more than a USDollar).
>Seven smugglers were put in custody.  
>It is thought that this most dangerous substance was intended to be sold in Europe. It is used in construction of socalled "dirty bombs".......... 
>Experts fear them as a potential terror weapon.
>Anybody at RADSAFE with good connections to the terror mafia? The streets of 
>Vienna are covered with megatons of granite, the uranium radioactivity can 
>easily detected even with primitive radiation measurements. Moreover large 
>parts not only of Austria consist of granitic ground. I agree that throwing 
>cobble stones of granite by "insurgants" might become a problem........

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