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I remember discussing the value / price of uranium with colleagues at a
restaurant in Belarus back in the '90s. I told them that a kilogram of
natural Uranium was only worth perhaps $25-$30 on the commercial market.
After I spoke those words, I noticed that the entire restaurant was totally
hushed and everyone was looking at me.  Apparently even my former Soviet
colleagues had no clue about the actual value as well as those "others" who
were clearly hanging on every word that I spoke. Sadly, economic reality
has never been "big" in many parts of the Former Soviet Union, just as
environmental & scientific reporting has seldom been accurate in the
European press with the possible exception of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung.
Later, with renewed production of yellowcake in Kazakhstan, etc. that
reality is, in part, known. While I lived in Austria, I also promised never
to reveal the presence of significantly elevated concentrations of uranium
in Bohemian Massif rocks through a fenster (Window) in autochthonous rocks
of the Alpine overthrust. Oops... I guess I just did!

Dan ii

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On Sun, Dec 21, 2014 at 1:53 PM, Franz Schönhofer <
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> In order to prove that not only Australian, Britsh or US
> "pseudoscientists" and journalists can distribute blantant nonsense I
> forward a recent note in an well respected Austrian newspaper (or they
> claim the title of "quality paper").
> Headline: Smuggled uranium detected in train from Russia.
> Chisinau: In the Republic Moldavia police has found last week in a train
> from Russia 200 g U-238, worth 1.7 million Euros (1 Euro is a little more
> than a USDollar). Seven smugglers were put in custody.
> It is thought that this most dangerous substance was intended to be sold
> in Europe. It is used in construction of socalled "dirty bombs"..........
> Experts fear them as a potential terror weapon.
> Anybody at RADSAFE with good connections to the terror mafia? The streets
> of Vienna are covered with megatons of granite, the uranium radioactivity
> can easily detected even with primitive radiation measurements. Moreover
> large parts not only of Austria consist of granitic ground. I agree that
> throwing cobble stones of granite by "insurgants" might become a
> problem........
> Franz
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