[ RadSafe ] Alzheimers etc.

JPreisig at aol.com JPreisig at aol.com
Sun Dec 28 01:59:09 CST 2014

Hey Radsafe,
     Guess an earlier post of mine discussed causes of  Alzheimers being 
clogging of the brain's blood vessels with bodily plaques, and  also death of 
parts of the brain due to a lifetime series of  micro-strokes.  I guess one 
thing to do is treat the plaquing early on in  Alzheimers by use of HCl 
compunds and other similar chemicals.
     A news item the other day involving NHL  hockey player Gordie Howe 
suggested his recovery from a stroke via use of  Stem-Cells.  I guess the 
persons to do further research/work on this would  be the doctors who did the 
Stem-cell research.  Perhaps they can treat  people just going into Alzheimers, 
and people with long-term Alzheimers, with  some combination of the 
Stem-cell treatment and/or the treatment with HCL  compounds.  I have no idea what 
combination of treatments will work  best.  
     This may also work for Dementia, Parkinsons or  perhaps other similar 
     Some exercise of the affected persons may  also help the bodily 
circulation processes.
      Regards,    Joe Preisig

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