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Sun Dec 28 13:31:37 CST 2014

other Connecticut county. In that period, 44,000 New London residents were
diagnosed with the disease. The New London rate is still highest in the most
current period for all ages combined - the young, and the elderly. Each
year, another 1,600 county residents receive a diagnosis of cancer.

Citizens have historically played a significant role in scientific
achievements. During the nuclear era, studies involved thousands of parents
who donated their child's discarded baby teeth so chemists could measure
levels of Strontium-90, one of the 100-plus chemicals found only in nuclear
weapons tests and reactor emissions.

With the Millstone plant ever aging, now is the time for citizen action.
Acquiring one of these easy-to-use counters and measuring radiation levels
in the air - simply by turning a button to "on" - will empower the community
to better understand the extent of pollution caused by the plant. Citizens
can then use this knowledge to demand greater accountability from Millstone
owners, to help lower releases and lower disease rates.

Joseph Mangano is executive director of the Radiation and Public Health
Project (


Retired, Consultant

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