[ RadSafe ] New nuc pwr everywhere but in US ?

Maury maurysis at peoplepc.com
Tue Feb 11 11:16:48 CST 2014

This makes it sound as though nuc pwr is growing like topsy everywhere 
but in US <g>
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4-10 February 2014  here is link:


Construction of CAREM underway
10 February 2014
The pouring of first concrete has marked the official start of 
construction of Argentina's prototype CAREM-25, a domestically-designed 
and developed small modular reactor.

Finance deal for new Paks units
6 February 2014
Hungary has reached an agreement with Russia over a finance package for 
the construction of two new reactors at the Paks nuclear power plant. 
Russia agreed to build the new units last month.

Progress at Leningrad II
4 February 2014
Construction work is moving on at Russia's Leningrad II, with contractor 
Titan-2 reporting achievements in the turbine building, nuclear island 
and water treatment plant. There has also been progress on unit 2's 


Ideas for debris removal at Fukushima
7 February 2014
Japan has received around 200 international suggestions on concepts to 
remove the remains of the Fukushima Daiichi reactor cores.

Tenders for Russian submarine fuel removal
7 February 2014
Suppliers are being sought by Russia for equipment to handle and 
transport used nuclear submarine fuel currently stored at Andreeva Bay. 
Such fuel has been stored at the site for over 50 years.

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