[ RadSafe ] New Booklet from IAEA on "Safe" Levels of Radiation following "Severe Conditions" at an LWR

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TITLE "Placing the Radiological Health Hazard  in Perspective in an
Emergency due to Severe Conditions at a Light Water Reactor"

"A system has been created in order to place the radiological health hazard
in perspective for a measured quantity or calculated dose in a simple and
understandable format for use in an emergency due to severe conditions at a
light water reactor or its spent fuel pool.

The Charts contained here are from the IAEA publication Actions to Protect
the Public in an Emergency due to Severe Conditions at a Light Water
Reactor, (EPR-NPP PUBLIC PROTECTIVE ACTIONS, 2013), which provides more
information. The intended audience includes emergency planners, decision
makers and those involved in communication with the public.

Application of these Charts will facilitate:
 Answering the public’s principal concern during an emergency (‘Am I
safe?’); and
 Preventing inappropriate actions being taken by the public, decision
makers and others that are
not justified based on the radiation risk.

The definition of safe is understood as meeting international safety
standards for which no protective or other response actions need to be
taken. Criteria for Use in Preparedness and Response for a Nuclear or
Radiological Emergency, IAEA Safety Standards Series No. GSG-2, IAEA,
Vienna (2011) provides more information"

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