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Isn't it just kelvin (K) and not "degrees Kelvin" now?

Also, I learned a few decades ago that units derived from someone's name 
are lowercase when spelled out and only uppercase when abbreviated:

volts V
amperes A
watts W
decibels dB


who has stickler friends who have lots of wet noodles and who once read 
the SI standard

On 2014-01-26 9:34 PM, Hans J Wiegert wrote:
> Just for "Bleeps and Giggles", there is no such thing as "Centigrade"! The
> correct term is degrees "Celsius". Or in other units it's degrees
> "Fahrenheit" or degrees "Kelvin" or degrees "Rankine" !
> Sorry, but I am a stickler for this!
> Hans
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