[ RadSafe ] Lighter Note - Uses of RAM on TV

Chris Alston achris1999 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 27 18:46:11 CST 2014


Hopefully, you will get a laugh out of this one.  I was watching NBC's
The Blacklist, the “Frederick Barnes” episode.  Briefly, the bad guy
has a biological weapon which gives people a fatal case, in about five
minutes, of a disease which normally takes years to develop.  He
spikes his delivery device with Sr-90, to weaken the victims' immune
systems.  As a part of the good guys' efforts to catch him, the show's
antihero (played by James Spader, in a typically sterling
performance), goes to *Cuba* to try to buy 12 *kilograms* of

I would have thought that the only places to find that quantity of
strontium, assuming that it exists (I have not done the spA calc)
would have been Hanford, the SRS, or their equivalents in the former
Soviet Union.  And one would have to separate it from millions of
gallons of extremely nasty wastes.

FYI, and as an aside, it is not a bad show, of that type.  Caveat
emptor: it is emphatically not for the kiddies, nor, I should think,
for date-night.


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