[ RadSafe ] Sellafield

Peter Bossew peter.bossew at reflex.at
Fri Jan 31 10:23:35 CST 2014

Hm, sounds plausible, but.

On EURDEP no particularly spectacular rain related Rn event is visible at
surrounding monitoring stations. Rain events are normally not so spatially
small that only one station responds (although it can happen).

Where can one see the original data from the site monitoring system? Any
air filter data?

Given the infamous record of Sellafield, I don't really believe them
unless I see data.


Robert Atkinson <robert8rpi at yahoo.co.uk> schreibt:
>For those that don't know, we've been suffering from heavy rain and low
>air pressure here in the UK. Almost certainly this drove increased radon
>release from the ground. Good to see that they still took it seriously.
>It hit the national news this morning.
>Robert Atkinson CEng.
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>According to
>"A radiation alert at Sellafield that forced the company to tell
>non-essential staff to stay at home was not caused by 'a nuclear event'.
>The elevated radioactive activity detected this morning by a perimeter
>monitor was caused by naturally-occurring background radon.  Standard
>weekend working operations will continue, with day staff due back in on
>Monday as normal, says the firm.  A company statement this afternoon
>said: 'Our in-air monitors are extremely sensitive and pick up on any
>abnormality. Overnight the monitoring system initially indicated elevated
>levels of activity. Following investigation and analysis, we can now
>confirm these levels to be naturally occurring background radon.'"

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