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eRHIC is a potential electron-ion collider that would take advantage of the existing Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider at Brookhaven Lab (which is the last operating collider in the the U.S., by the way) by adding on an electron ring to enable more detailed study of the quark-gluon plasma discovered there and help explain what makes matter stick together. JLab would also like to build a similar electron-ion collider. At this point, the nuclear physics community is still discussing the science case for such a machine; if it's seen as a priority, it may get proposed and built in the 2020s at one of those two locations.

Pete Genzer

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>     Something called eRHIC (electron Relativistic  Heavy Ion Collider???) 
> is occuring at Brookhaven and JLAB.  See their  websites.  Accelerators 
> being built at both locations????
>    Joe Preisig

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