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Sat Mar 15 14:17:15 CDT 2014

Hello, Joe,

My understanding was the drone was brought down by spoofed GPS signals.

Sorry, I did not bookmark where I read it.

But...where do you hide a 777?



On 2014-03-15 1:46 PM, JPreisig at aol.com wrote:
> Hmmmmm,
>       According to the UFO show Hangar1 on History  Channel 2 (a Mufon show)
> An Iranian Airship (a flying saucer of their design  ---- Glocke, Hauebu or
> something similar....Thule Tachyonator power system???)  has brought down a
> USA drone intact with some sort of tractor beam.  Guess  their aircraft is
> out of the closet....
>      Joe Preisig

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