[ RadSafe ] Russia can turn U.S. to radioactive ash: Kremlin-backed journalist

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The departure of global warming and the beginning of a nuclear winter in the northern hemisphere would result in the crashing of the human population all across the northern hemisphere of the earth.  If the U.S. and Russia were turned to radioactive ash what would happen to those whose survival depended on the food crops from the U.S.?  Imagine what would happen to China's food subsidies to North Korea when China has hundreds of millions of starving citizens and millions of refugees trying to stream into the country from the north.  If China and North Korea, which has a chronic food shortage in good times, were starving to death what desperate actions would their leaders be forced to take to protect themselves and their countries?  Would China welcome the refugees from the north with open arms, or would they close their border?  Would North Korea launch an offensive against South Korea?

What would happen to western Europe when all of it's crops are dead in the fields from the nuclear winter and their supply of natural gas from Russia were a thing of the past?  Would Australia welcome the refugees of the world, or would it become fortress Australia and repel all invaders?

Suffice it to say, that if there were ever a global thermonucler war that the surviving human population ten years after the war would be but a fraction of what it had been before the war!

Roy Herren

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But then, with a nuclear winter, global warming goes away.... 

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I read the following title, see below, and then the full article and I have to say that I found it all quite disturbing.  Have those issuing such threats as "Russia can turn U.S. to radioactive ash" already forgotten about the Cold War concept of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD).  No one will win if two of the world's super powers engage in Global Thermonuclear warfare.  If western Europe thought the fallout from Chernobyl was a bad thing, then how much worse do they think it would be if they were to be plunged into a Nuclear winter from the global fallout of a MAD exchange?  These heavy handed and hopefully idle threats should give western Europe pause to reconsider their reliance on foreign natural gas.


Russia can turn U.S. to radioactive ash: Kremlin-backed journalist

By Lidia Kelly March 16, 2014 6:36 PM  
Roy Herren

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