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o their colony "Briton" now, of course, known as Britain - because it produ=
ced the best wines in all the Roman Empire.  It has only been 30 years or s=
o since the Southern portion of England has again been able to establish vi=
neyards.  Further, if you look at the ice core data - we have been subjecte=
d to even wider temperature fluctuations over the millennia.  I am convince=
d that this too shall pass (again), though perhaps not in our lifetime.



Lorraine Day, PhD
RSO - Center for Advanced Microstructures and Devices
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Well stated Clayton!


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I have spent time with the publications of the IPCC, Susan. I simply don't =
find them that compelling. I do find that the scientific chapters tend to b=
e a lot more tentative in their assertions than the summaries for policy ma=
kers.  The fact that the summaries are always published before the scientif=
ic chapters makes it pretty clear that there is more going on than the hone=
st communication of the results of scientific research.

Now, computer models are central (essential) to support the hypothesis of t=
he enhanced greenhouse effect. Without them there are only time series of p=
roxy temperature data which show trends, or not, depending on the choice of=
 endpoints. The proposed physical mechanism causing the warming can only be=
 'tested' on the computer.  In order to believe the computer models  one mu=
st believe that the physics of the earth-atmosphere-ocean system are thorou=
ghly understood and quantitated correctly in the code. One misunderstood or=
 missing relationship between input variables could render the programs' ou=
tput meaningless. And the modelers' efforts to adjust their codes to produc=
e results matching the data is fraught with potential bias.

But even if the computer models' predictions are generally correct (i.e. mo=
st warming in colder-drier regions like Siberia, little warming in warm-hum=
id regions like Amazonia), they still only predict one climate parameter: t=
emperature.  The models say nothing about precipitation, clouds, pressure, =
winds, etc. Yet this has not stopped the global warming enthusiast from pre=
dicting that every possible calamity known to humanity: drought, floods, hu=
rricanes, plagues, mass extinctions, blah-blah, blah-blah, blah-blah, will =
follow ineluctably from a warmer climate. Nobody - NOBODY - predicts anythi=
ng good happening because of climate change, anywhere!  I find that very ha=
rd to believe.

Even if we accept that the CO2/warming connection, and I happen to think th=
at it is certainly plausible, it doesn't mean that the case for a pending c=
limate catastrophe hasn't been way over-sold. I think it has, and I'm not a=
mused by that.

Clayton Bradt
Principal Radiophysicist
NYS Dept. of Health
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I continue to be amused by the opinions on climate change by scientists who=
 are not climate scientists or even earth scientists.  To understand the SC=
IENCE behind the conclusions about global warming, spend some time with the=
 publications by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change at http://ww= .  The Summary for Policy Makers of the 2013 report is a good pl=
ace to start at
INAL.pdf .

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