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Unfortunately, there are many factions that leap from "Climate change happens naturally" to "therefor we don't need to stop (x)", where (x) is whatever non-environmentally-sound activity they favor.  It remains true, however, that most of the things proposed in part as being good in the climate change arena are good in their own right. 

Not throwing crap into the air is good, because the crap is hard on lungs, lakes, and buildings.  Almost all the crap that gets thrown into the air is entrained when fossil fuels are burned, with coal being the worst.  Therefor decreasing the amount of coal burnt is good, whether you are concerned about C02 or not.  Reduction of energy needs by improved efficiency and replacement of coal power by other energy sources, including new nuclear reactors, is good.

Deforestation is bad, for more economical, ecological, and ethical reasons than I care to list (but I can think of about a dozen without working at it).  The fact that not deforesting leaves carbon in trees rather than releasing it to the air is nice, but not the most important factor, and so not worrying about increased atmospheric CO2 should not be connected with supporting unsustainable forestry practices.

Waste is unavoidable, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be reduced.  Just because improving efficiency and decreasing waste can be touted as "decreasing carbon footprint" doesn't mean that not believing in climate change requires embracing gas guzzlers, leaking water systems, antique electrical distribution networks, and a sneering attitude towards recycling (all of which I've seen).  

If you want to be skeptical that humans are contributing to climate change, fine.  I encourage you to be equally skeptical of the agendas of those arguing that what humans do doesn't matter. 

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Thank you Clayton for your thoughtful comments.

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