[ RadSafe ] Cancer (Chemical, Physical Basis)

Otto G. Raabe ograabe at ucdavis.edu
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>November 10, 2014

Chemical and radiation induced cancer are each a precise function of the
life-time average dose rate to the population of affected cells.

The whole tissue and whole organ is involved. It is not a stochastic
one-cell process! That simplistic idea is just wrong.

Cancer induction is a rather precise function of life-time
average dose rate the population of sensitive cells and those cells
communicate with each other. At low average dose rates the
time required to develop cancer may exceed the natural
life-span creating a lifer-span virtual threshold.

In my paper found in Health Physics Vol. 57, Supplement 1,
pages 419-432, 1989 showed that the same model used for ionizing
radiation also applies to chemical carcinogenesis.
The discussion of the chemical carcinogen, diethylnitosamine,
begins on page 429 and there are figures on pages 429 and 430.
Also there are other comments elsewhere in this paper.


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