[ RadSafe ] Can anyone help on radiological incident project?

Gretchen Mitschelen gmitsch at umich.edu
Fri Nov 21 12:28:00 CST 2014

I am currently studying Radiological Health Engineering at the University
of Michigan under Dr. Kim Kearfott.

I am involved in a group project about the August 31, 1994 incident in
Commerce twp., where David Hahn built a 'home-made' nuclear reactor.

I know the media has a lot of information about the incident out there, but
am looking for more official reports-such as who were the first responders,
how was the situation handled, was any radiation measured, and who handled
the final clean up of the area.  I am also particularly interested in any
in house reports that detail isotopes present, radiation measurements made,
and the techniques used to do so.

Again, I realize this was a while back, but if my 'digging' allows me to
request copies of any official reports, it would help me tremendously!

Any advice on who else I may contact regarding information on this incident
is also welcome.

Thanks for any help!!

Gretchen Mitschelen
University of Michigan class of 2015
Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences

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