[ RadSafe ] Breast localization seed inventory question

Diane Griffiths nucleardi at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 13:16:04 CDT 2014

For those of you who are doing the breast localization procedures, how are
you keeping track of your seeds? Are you doing an inventory when they come
in? Since they don't have a unique identifier on them how are you handling
this? Are you keeping a running inventory of all the seeds you have until
they are returned to the manufacturer?

If you are keeping them for decay, how do you know which seed came from
which order? And do you have to do the leak tests on the sources since they
are over 100 uCi?

Also, are you "leak testing" them? Since when we receive them they are
preloaded in the gun and sealed for sterility. I can't really leak test
them at this time. Do you leak test them when they come back from the
patient and before sending them back to the vendor?

Other than these questions, the procedure seems to be going well here!

Diane Griffiths
Atlanta, GA

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