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Mon Oct 20 14:14:32 CDT 2014

     Hope you all are well.
     When alleged UFO's fall out of the sky, when their  anti-gravity 
systems fail, it must cause considerable excitement on the Earth's  surface.  
UFO's include: (google these???)    glocke    haunebu   tr-3b   etc.
Propulsion systems include:  thule tachyonator   schauberger  propulsion   
magnetic field disruptor  .
     The ufo's might have enriched uranium and/or  enriched plutonium as a 
power source.  If an ufo with an enriched fission  power source (a 
reactor??? --- see also nerva  ) crashes, the reactor might  remain intact or it 
might be destroyed or torn open.  Ouch.  what a  mess.  The USA government MUST 
respond in such a Health Physics emergency  to clean up the mess, limit 
exposures to the general population and to keep  information about spacecraft 
design characteristics from the general  public.  Quite a task. Call in  the 
men in black??? 
     If the reactor has been operating for a while,  there is a buildup of 
Cesium, Strontium etc. in the reactor.  There also  may be Mercury, Cerium 
etc. leaking from the propulsion system.  Reactors  may be water cooled, air 
cooled??? or something else.  Quite an exposure  and environmental 
remediation problem.
    One team of first responders (4 military guys???)  responding to a 
Mexican ufo crash were found deceased, at the site of the crash  (allegedly).  I 
originally thought the cause of death might be  biological or chemical in 
nature, but now I believe the cause of death was due  to a high dose rate 
(radiation) scenario.  Probably not  Gastrointestinal death (Villi sloughing) 
or the other lower dose rate form of  death, but the high dose rate form of 
death.   I forget the real names  of these dose rate/exposure terms, but you 
can look them up in Eric Hall's or  other books on Radiobiology/Radiation 
Biophysics.  The USA response team in  Mexico probably wore lead aprons, had 
movable shielding, and limited their  exposure time.  The ufo was carted off 
on a flatbed truck???
   I guess one could devise a portable radiation shield with a  fiber optic 
viewing system, so one does not have to look directly at the  radiation 
source.  Maybe this all explains somewhat USA responses to downed  ufo's.  I 
won't address recovery of bodies from the crash sites as I have  no specific 
information about this.
Some of the men in black are health physicists --- you know who you are, we 
   Have a good week.     Joe Preisig

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