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If you can feel a little something, usually in the shape of a square,
underneath the sticker-label, it is almost certainly a chip of
natural, or depleted, U metal.  Depleted U particularly, used to be
very cheap, because it was a byproduct of weapons production.  So,
basically, you are using the big beta emissions from Pa-234 (Emax >
2000 keV) as your source of radiation.  I would give the Global
Calibration Lab (they, aka Fluke, "inherited" the Victoreen business,
as well as Keithley's) a call at 800-850-4608, give them the serial
number of the meter, and ask them for a definitive answer.  They are
good people, and might even send you a manual, if you asked nicely.

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Hello all.
I have a question concerning and old Victoreen THYAC III 490 Geiger
counter with a test source on the side. I would like to know if
anybody has information on what kind of isotopes is that test source
and what activity ?
Thank you for your help
Eric Parent

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