[ RadSafe ] New fusion and flight

JPreisig at aol.com JPreisig at aol.com
Mon Sep 1 19:42:25 CDT 2014

     Wonder how viable   helion  energy     fusion is????
     A spaceship employing a magnetic field  disruptor type gravity field 
cancellation system might be more useful/effective  if it were mounted on a 
2-dimensional or 3-dimensional gimballed mount  system???
Gimballed mounts were used earlier on, in spinning mechanical gyroroscopes  
for inertial guidance systems.  Later on, as airplanes and jets became  
faster, ring laser gyroscopes became necessary.  RLG's are built by  Kearfott 
--- see their webpage.
    Such a magnetic field disruptor system is useful on  Earth and planets 
with magnetic fields.  Such a system may work in  free-space, and might not 
work around a planet with no magnetic field.  A  backup propulsion system, 
possibly powered by fusion or enriched-fuel fission  might be helpful.  If a 
magnetic field disruptor system fails, the  spaceship might plunge to Earth 
rather quickly (Kecksburg, PA USA???, Roswell,  NM USA??? etc.).
    If helion fusion works, then it might not be necessary  to build a next 
generation of fission reactors.  Perhaps people working at  fission 
reactors might become fusion reactor operators fairly quickly???   I'd like to be 
able to say the fusion system is fundamentally simpler than  nuclear fission, 
but I'm not sure this is really the case.  The helion  energy scientists 
appear to be employed by, or have been employed by, the  University of 
Washington (USA).
     Regards,   Joe Preisig

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