[ RadSafe ] Uranium in hair analysis

Harrison - CDPHE, Tony tony.harrison at state.co.us
Thu Sep 4 12:13:30 CDT 2014

So, over the years we've had any number of people approach us to say that
they had their hair analyzed for heavy metals and the uranium levels were
at the 99th percentile, or some such.  For most of these people,
investigation of their drinking water, food (from gardens, usually) and
other pathways show little or no exposure to environmental or workplace
uranium, and I've about convinced myself that such results are mostly false
positives.  I've been unable to find any good research on the subject,
although NIOSH has somewhat validated hair analysis for zinc exposure, and
perhaps a few other metals.  Can any of you direct me to real research,
good, bad or indifferent, about uranium uptake in hair, or material in hair
that might mimic uranium?  I don't really know how these hair tests work,
but I suspect they would not be approved for bioassay or drinking water
samples.  Any scientific info would be greatly appreciated.

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