[ RadSafe ] Lifting Heavy shielding

JPreisig at aol.com JPreisig at aol.com
Fri Sep 12 22:32:57 CDT 2014

    A while back Radsafe was discussing lifting heavy  equipment, 
shielding, etc.
    Places like Brookhaven Lab have heavy cranes to do such  lifting.
    There's another way to lift heavy equipment, and I  should give credit 
to Ed Liedskalnin who wrote a book on magnetic induction and  
single-handedly built coral castle, a garden of heavy stones (google it).   His method is 
largely unknown to the public, I think, so I will explain how I  think he 
did it.  He would not do his castle construction work while people  were 
watching.  An episode of In Search Of describes coral castle.   Coral Castle is 
in Florida.  Visit It???
   Ed used a block and tackle and a tripod to lift the heavy  stones.  The 
tripod had a mysterious metal box at the top of it.  I  suspect inside of 
the box was a permanent magnet connected to lifting metal or  ropes that could 
be attached to the stones to be lifted.  Under the  permanent magnet is a 
wire coil which is probably wrapped around a metal or  whatever spool.  The 
electric wire is connected to a power source and  when the power is turned 
on, the wire coil produces a magnetic (induction)  field.  If properly 
designed, the induction field will repel the permanent  magnet field and 
significant lifting will be achieved.  Once lifting  occurs, the stone to be moved can 
be pushed sideways to move it a few feet or  so.  Then the process can be 
Such stones can also be moved on wood logs or stone cylinders.
    Ed claimed he knew how the Egyptians moved the stones  used in the 
pyramids.  Was this his method???  Did the Egyptians make  electricity using 
stationary bicycles with electric motor generators  attached or by some other 
means???  Have the bicycles and electronics all  rusted away in time???  
Apparently electric batteries (rudimentary) have  been discovered in old 
Egyptian archeological digs.
   For 10 points, as Bernie Cohen might offer, build  Liedskalnin's tripod 
and make it work????
   Thanks to Tesla for making any of this possible.
   Regards,   Joe Preisig

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