[ RadSafe ] Cs-137 beam calibrator output

clayton bradt dutchbradt at gmail.com
Mon Sep 22 18:00:58 CDT 2014

My apologies if this duplicates an earlier post. Having received no bounce
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Original post:

I’ve been reviewing data for a beam calibrator containing a Cs-137 source
with nominal activity 600 mCi on 1/18/2005.  The measured output at 1 meter
along the beam center line was 0.2443 R/h on the same date.  Comparing that
with the calculated exposure rate at 1meter from a 600 mCi point source I
get 0.193 R/h, assuming a Gamma constant for Cs-137 of 0.322 R/h at 1 meter
per Ci.   I am surprised at such a large difference (27%) between the
theoretical value and measurement.  Should I be?  I know that scatter from
the collimator will affect the actual exposure rate, but this much?

Any help from people with more experience with exposure rate calibrations
on this list will be most appreciated.

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