[ RadSafe ] Another Cancer Show

JPreisig at aol.com JPreisig at aol.com
Mon Apr 6 00:13:07 CDT 2015

      Another show on Cancer on PBS (USA)  ---  Cancer --- the Emperor of 
all Maladys.....2 hours long....
      Show describes other newish forms of  immunotherapy.  One is direct 
turn-on or re-start of immunotherapy (to  Cancer) mechanism.
      Chemical/drug treatment of Cancer is  difficult because Cancer 
continues to mutate/grow/evolve as long as the original  Mutagen/Carcinogen 
(source) is present.  The longer this mutation process  occurs, then possibly the 
number of genes involved in the Cancer can increase  with time.  Detect 
Cancer early and treat it.
     It might be a good idea to surgically remove the  
Cancer/Carcinogen/Mutagen, or perhaps one could suck out the  Cancer/Carcinogen/Mutagen 
somehow..  Another treatment pathway is to fix  the structures which are damaged 
creating  higher chemical/mutagen/carcinogen concentrations in the body.   
Perhaps gene therapy could be used to pre-treat patients who are genetically  
pre-disposed to getting certain types of cancer.
     More later comments to follow, as I think about  this show.
     Have a good week....Joe Preisig

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