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JOHN.RICH at sargentlundy.com JOHN.RICH at sargentlundy.com
Mon Apr 6 11:00:46 CDT 2015

ANS 5-1-2005 "Decay Heat Power" seems to indicate that at this late date 
the total thermal power is about 1% of the initial operating power. I'm 
guessing its not molten anymore, but a heat transfer calc would have to be 
done to confirm that the heat conduction from the core surroundings is 
sufficient to keep the corium below its melting point. Wikipedia indicates 
corium melts around 1200 deg C.  Somebody has to have gone through this 
exercise, and maybe we can get a response from a heat transfer specialist. 
 But its probable that the core is hot, but solid.

Pls fell free to correct this or add to it.  It's just a first 
approximation with a lot of unknowns - -jmr

John Rich

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