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JPreisig at aol.com JPreisig at aol.com
Sun Apr 19 22:56:08 CDT 2015

     I have already named  some of the flying  ship's that may be UFO's.   
Glocke, Haunebu, TR3B, etc.  These  apparently involve electromagnetic 
propulsion, usually involving fluids,  mercury, plasmas, ions, secret fluids, 
etc. going around in a circle, perhaps  like a cyclotron in space.  Such fluids 
etc. rotating quickly produce  magnetic fields.  These magnetic fields may 
be strong themselves, thus  possibly being a health hazard.
     The power for these spaceships may be from  highly-enriched Uranium, 
Plutonium, Element-115 or other systems.  Power is  from reactors, element 
-115, etc.  The general science community says the  element-115 radioisotopes 
are short-lived.  Bob Lazar, in his youtubes,  says one element-115 species 
is stable against decay.  Wonder what is  true???  Discussion on the 
internet suggests some of the Glocke or Haunebu  spaceships may have had a power 
source using Thorium or U-233.
     The German WWII scientists may not have had  Uranium or Plutonium 
produced from ore, or their own reactors, but they may have  had some Uranium, 
Plutonium, Thorium, U-233, Element-115 recovered from an  alleged UFO which 
crashed in the Black Forest in 1936.  Hahn and Strassmann  et al. discovered 
fission in 1938.  Did they get a Nobel prize for  this work???  Interesting, 
a Nobel prize or other recognition for  reverse-engineering work some space 
alien did long ago???
     A fluid, plasma, ions, mercury, secret fluids,  going around rapidly 
in a circle might possibly produce synchrotron radiation,  which may be a 
radiation hazard.  If one is inside such a circle of fluid,  the radiation 
hazard is not so much.  Outside of the circle, the radiation  hazard might be 
considerable.  There are reports of UFO witnesses receiving  radiation skin 
damage (erythema...) from radiation outside of UFO's.  So,  before approaching 
such a spaceship, make sure the spaceship has landed and the  fluid 
circulating mechanism is turned off.
     The pseudo-gravitational drive system described by  Bob Lazar in his 
40 minute youtube differs considerably from these  electromagnetic propulsion 
systems.  Real or not, it is a great  story.  Lazar's confirmable education 
is from a Community College and Cal  State/Northridge.  People can find no 
record of his MIT or Caltech MS/MA  degrees.  Wonder if his high school 
records show a pretty serious  IQ???  He didn't do well in high school.  Wonder 
if he is so bright,  that he was actually make his way through Los Alamos's 
highering system without  being screened out???  Ha apparently worked at Los 
Alamos for a while. He  now apparently runs some scientific supply store 
(including radiation products)  in Michigan these days..
     These various flying ships are apparently  more complex than I have 
described them to be in earlier posts.
     Have a good week.    Joe  Preisig

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