[ RadSafe ] more tissue stuff

Joseph Preisig jrpnj01 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 19:33:27 CDT 2015

Hey all,
      Guess folks/researchers etc. are starting to grow all kinds of
tisues, organs, breasts, brain tissue in the laboratory.  Can growing
colons, large intestines, small intestines, stomachs, a pancreas be
far behind???

       Sometimes people lose their colons due to smoking, and of
course, their lungs.  I'm sure people with colostomy bags would like
the option of having a new colon.  Sure some of these surgeries would
be hard to do.

       Don't know if a pancreas would be hard to grow.  Pancreas
cancer treatment has a low success rate.  If a pancreas could be
grown, and pancreatic cancer could be detected early, perhaps
pancreatic cancer could be treated via transplant, perhaps accompanied
by radiation and/or chemotherapy.

      Joe Preisig

PS Apparently neutrino oscillations have been detected experimentally....

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