[ RadSafe ] space elevator

ROY HERREN royherren2005 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 17 17:34:31 CDT 2015

An operable space elevator would be a wonderful step towards humanities reaching out and inhabiting space.  The financial cost per kilogram of material currently launched into space is a limiting factor that is holding back greater exploration of space.  It's hard to imagine though how any one company or even country could afford to build such a complicated and large of a structure.  If this is to happen, it will likely require an international consortium for financing and construction. 
Question, where in space would such an elevator terminate, i.e. a space port, a space dock for assembling space ships, etc.?
Just to rope this discussion into the mailing list topic of concern, would deep-space manned space ships assembled in a space dock initially have fission reactors?  What would propel such ship, ion propulsion? Could deep-space space ships harvest enough interstellar gas to provide propulsion, or would they have to bring all the material with them from earth?

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