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Mark Sonter/Radsafe,
     No, I am not a Man in Black.  I am an older unemployed health
physicist and geophysicist.  $30.00 a barrel oil is not helping
geophysicists.   Slac's website??? is discussing another advance in
solar cell tech which may hurt nuclear power.
     I suspect Team USA has a TR3B triangular flying saucer, which
probably has an electromagnetic drive which allows it to beat
gravity.  (EM drive due to mercury ions or something else going round
and round in a doughnut shaped orbit).  TR3B has not been
revealed/shared for tactical reasons.
     Haunebu has EM drive also, possibly mixed with Victor
Schauberger's drive system.  German's had Haunebu craft, as did
Americans and Russians after they beat Germany.  google Haunebu ----
the pictures are really neat.
     Bob Lazar (a very bad boy???) discuses another anti-gravity drive
in his 40 minute youtube video.  Element 115 allegedly uses the Strong
Force as a power source and an anti-gravity drive system.   Lazar is
either a total wacko or he broke his confidentiality agreement with
Team USA, and the system is real.  The story is entertaining,
nonetheless.  Element 115 has been discovered and this drive system
uses a proton induced reaction with Element 115.
     The TR3B uses an enriched uranium or plutonium reactor for
power???  I expect EM drive systems can propel us throughout our solar
system.  The TR3B's are observed often in UFO reports.  The system
Lazar discusses might take us to other stars.  See various youtubes
about all this.
      Enriched plutonium, uranium and Element 115 are all hard to come
by.  Crashed UFO's may be a source of Element 115.  When a TR3B or
whatever spaceship crashes, and it has a reactor onboard, quick
cleanup is necessary.  There are UFO show reports about USA crash
response teams working on crashed UFO's without using their radiation
detectors to assess dose levels --- such careless individuals end up
with gastro-intestinal radiation syndrome or worse, and often lose
their lunch.  I expect the TR3B generates synchrotron radiation, which
has also affected close-in UFO observers.   (erythema, eye damage,
Watch UFO and Ancient Alien shows for more information.

      Joe Preisig

On 8/18/15, Mark Sonter <sontermj at tpg.com.au> wrote:
> Hi Joe,
> Several times you have referred to the Hanebau saucer; if the US govt
> really does have working saucers then it is I think criminal that this
> technology for access to space has been denied to the wider world.
> How can the technology be made available??
> And what threat if any is there from its originators?
> (you are not a 'Man In Black' are you, Joe??
> Cheers!
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