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Dear All, 
    It is ironic that the individual quoted below believes the LNT model is almost certainly wrong, and still is a strong proponent of the model. If one believes some concept is wrong or is almost certainly wrong, one should be a strong opponent, not a strong proponent of that concept. If the statement by this individual is the best summation of the LNT model, it is really a pathetic situation (for the LNT model). 
    Keeping in mind the accepted criterion that book-keeping should be made easier, in contrast to the LNT model (which is almost certainly wrong, as stated by the strong proponent - I accept his judgement), the radiation hormesis model (which is almost certainly correct, as stated by me, a strong proponent, because there is plenty of data supporting it - see presentation at link below), if used for regulations, would simplify book-keeping tremendously, as no book-keeping need be required for low-doses, since cancer risks would be lowered by low-dose radiation. The current proponents of the LNT model (who desire simpler book-keeping) should welcome this!  The regulations should of course require book-keeping for potential high dose situations, but these would be few and far between.  There is a wide gap that separates low doses that are beneficial from high doses that are harmful, and so it would be easy to separate the two situations, and require book-keeping only for the latter. I discussed this concept for radiation protection regulations (for the future, if radiation hormesis concept is accepted) at the recent HPS Annual Meeting in the Low-dose symposium. If anyone is interested in viewing the presentation, it is available in ResearchGate at: https://goo.gl/A7EcfB . I welcome comments and criticisms, either in this forum or via private email. Thanks.
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The best summation of LNT that I've heard was from a strong LNT proponent (sorry - can't remember his name at the moment). In a discussion after some presentations he said "LNT is almost certainly wrong, but it makes the book-keeping easy."

According to the final arbiter of all knowledge (Wikipedia) "Dogma is a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true. It serves as part of the primary basis of an ideology or belief system, and it cannot be changed or discarded without affecting the very system's paradigm, or the ideology itself."

LNT is not scientific dogma, but it has effectively become dogma for the ALARA philosophy, and near-dogma for regulatory, national, and international advisory bodies. And I would say that it is certainly dogma for all of the anti-nuclear and anti-radiation groups.


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Anybody really knows, what a "Dogma" is? Look it up on Google. LNT does not fit to this definition. Especially LNT is lively debated and not taken for granted by many scientists. Therefore it cannot be called a Dogma. However having been a lawmaker I confess, that the concept of LNT has its great advantage!!!!! Now load your guns, fill your flaming devices- I`ll be able to stand it and anyway I am used to flaming. Compared to Austrian ministery intrigues this is a "sweet nothing"!

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